Aussie Hooch Delivery Review

Still wondering whether or not this website is legit? Are you still skeptical about ordering your cannabis medication from our website? The true explanations below will clear your doubts and make you know you’re in the right place. Here are a few proofs we found;

  • Illegitimate Copy Websites:

There are a few scam artists out there who by some means have succeeded in copying a few information from our website and are now using this information to steal from people on the internet. Below is a very good example of a website claiming to be Aussie Hooch Delivery, clearly they’re NOT.

If you look clearly, you’ll notice the logo on this website is not the same as that on our REAL website. Also, the link/domain name ( of this fake website is not the same as that of our REAL website (

It is sad and heartbreaking that you are online looking for your cannabis medication or a way to get your hands on small quantity of marijuana to clear your stress or anxiety and all you find is such people.

When these “con artists” steal from a customer, what do they do? The customer angrily goes online and search for the company name and then we pop up. Without hesitation, the customer will head on straight away to write bad reviews, shaming our services whereas the real thieves are out there.


  • Fake Customer Reviews

Another way these scam artists bring down our reputation is by the use of fake customer reviews. By this way, they make you think we are fake and they are legit, which is quite the opposite. They’ll go to review websites like,, etc and leave negative reviews about our services and at same time, advertising their scam. Here’s an example;

Did you get it? Did you see how they’re telling lies and at same time advertising their Snapchat scam? Do not believe them.

We hope the clear proofs above have cleared all your doubts.

Before making an order, take note of the following to ensure you’re shopping on our correct website;

  • Make sure see our exact logo with the cannabis sign next to it.
  • Ensure you are on the right link. That’s 
  • Ensure our correct WhatsApp contact number is +61 480 002 373